Help us inspire the next generation of students

Volunteers are the heart of TechCodes — they keep our mission alive, our programs running, and our students engaged.

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Regional Directors

No workshops in your region? If there’s no ongoing TechCodes activities in your region, we’d love for you to start and facilitate workshops at local middle schools.

Chapter Heads

Apply to become a chapter head and teach local middle schoolers in your area! As a chapter head, you will work with your regional director(s) to host workshops in middle schools, with all resources provided by TechCodes.

Why volunteer?

There are so many reasons to become a volunteer at TechCodes!

Form lasting relationships

Working alongside passionate individuals seems to be the best part of volunteering. Our volunteers’ most memorable experiences are the friendships they develop with each other and their students.

Demonstrate your passion for CS

There is no better way to demonstrate your passion for computer science than passing on your knowledge of computer science to the next generation of students.

Gain valuable leadership experience

As a volunteer, you will learn valuable teaching and presenting skills while gaining leadership experience by teaching in a class and managing teachers and materials.

Build your resume

Not only will you earn a plethora of volunteer hours, but also you’ll gain experience that many prestigious universities and companies look for in leadership and teaching experience in STEM fields.